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Studying abroad is an exciting experience, but it’s also a stressful one. From where you should live, to finding an apartment, to furnishing your space, it can be difficult to know where to even begin. At Pratt Studios we welcome international students and make securing a fully furnished affordable apartment seamless and easy. Simply click the link below and we will help you through the process!


  • Do we accept international students as residents? Absolutely!

  • Will I need to buy a new bed and furniture? No! At Pratt Studios we provide fully furnished apartments perfect for any IUP student, but especially international students.

  • What is the minimum rental term? At Pratt Studios we understand that international students attend IUP for various lengths of time so we offer many flexible leasing options including single semester leases. For even shorter rental terms, please visit our Short-Term Rentals page.

  • Can I defer payment of the security deposit until my arrival? Absolutely, especially if you are due to receive financial aid.

  • Where can I do laundry? At Pratt Studios we have multiple high-speed laundry facilities in each building available 24/7.

  • Can I ship packages to my apartment before I move in? Yes, packages can be pre-shipped to your apartment and we will ensure that they will be secure and waiting for you upon your arrival.

  • International student orientation starts before the regular semester, can I move in early? Yes, at Pratt Studios international students can move in a few weeks early at no extra cost.

  • Is Pratt Studios centrally located? Yes! Pratt Studios is within walking distance to the IUP campus, several bus stops that provide both University and local bus service (with service to Pittsburgh), IUP’s International Office, the Eberly College of Business, the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Center, a grocery store, restaurants, Folger Dining Hall, campus post office and a coffee shop. We are only one block from the Pechan Health Center and campus police department.

  • Can anyone help me move in? Yes, we would be happy to facilitate arrangements to ease the move in transition.

  • Are there alternate forms of transporation available? Yes, both Uber and Lyft are available in the area, including UberEats. Additionally, the area is very bicycle friendly.

  • I will be arriving late on move in day and won’t be able to set up my apartment immediately. Are there other places for me to stay while I set up my apartment? Yes, at Pratt Studios we also have fully furnished AirBnB units available for tenants or visitors for a few nights stay. See our Short-Term Rentals page.

  • Have questions about IUP’s International Education Program? Check out https://www.iup.edu/international/

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